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Building Sustainable Leadership for Women in Agriculture

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Empower African Women | Sustainable Agriculture

The Zimbabwe Farm Project is excited to announce our rebranding to Africa Vertical, Inc. This change reflects our growing mission to empower women farmers across Africa.

As Africa Vertical, Inc. we will continue to provide training, resources, and support to women farmers. We will also expand our reach to other African countries to help women farmers build sustainable businesses and improve their lives.

Your donation will help us to continue our work of empowering women farmers in Africa. With your support, we can help these women to build better lives for themselves and their families.

Accomplishments to Date:

  • Drilled an 80-meter | 262-feet Borehole for additional clean water (Watch YouTube Video)
  • Installation of a 4000-kW solar power system for farming irrigation, lighting, and poultry farm
  • We initiated a poultry egg farming operation to create sustainable income solutions for women to maintain them through harvest seasons.
  • Planted macadamia orchard with 100 trees to cultivate high-value markets;
  • Launched a training program for women to acquire skills that will enable them to grow beyond agriculture;
  • Built relationships across sectors and negotiated local and national, aiming for international participation in agro-processing.

Future fundraising efforts include sanitation improvements and hydroponic and vertical farming to decrease our carbon footprint while scaling the model for replication in other African countries. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

When you donate, you become a partner in our continued efforts to sow positively into the lives of others through sustainable development, permaculture, organic farming, and employment. We appreciate your willingness to donate to support women and to join us in making the world a better place than the one we were born into.